Updated April 28, 2018


AVID | VENUE SC48 Digital mixing console

6 Adamson E218 subs (mono, 3 per side) with Lab Gruppen PM20000Q power amp/processing

8 Adamson E12 powered tops (4 per side) with Lake LM26 processing

1x Adamson centre fill with lab gruppen c20:8x amp and lake contour processing

2x Adamson balc fills with crown 4002xti series amp and lake contour processing


48 channel Yamaha PM5D – non RH

7x Adamson 15” x 2” monitors (includes cue wedge)

7x QSC RMX2450 BIAMPED (1 amp hardwired for cue wedge)

Adamson M series processing for bi amp

1 Powered Drum Sub


Avolites Pearl Expert Pro – upgrade console

6 x Chauvet Rogue 2 spots

10 x Clay Paky Sharpys

16 x Chauvet Rogue 2 washes

6 x Chauvet Rogue 1 Spots

6 x Microh LED bar2′s

4 x Martin Atomic 3000 strobes

6 x Chauvet ovation E – 160ww

1 x Radience Hazer


Mitsubishi xd28ou projector on FOH truss for upstage cyc wall projections

Mitsubishi xd280u projector on FOH truss for house right side screen

3 x Samsung 40 inch TV screens on balcony house left

Kramer VP-8×8 VGA switcher

Kramer VP-719DS switcher/scaler

DVD player

Blue ray player

Additional Power

Lighting Tie in: 60A, 3 phase cam lok

Audio Tie in: 100A, 3 phase cam lok




  • 24 feet wide x 18 feet deep
  • 14 feet trim ( from top of stage to ceiling )
  • 43 inches (Floor to top of stage )