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March 11, 2017

ANOMALOUS – art – fetish – dance

We are proud to announce that IMPULSE is teaming up with Adorned Entertainment to bring you a night of fetish, engaging art, and entrancing music. Dj’s: Ben Cormier + Dwight Hybrid + Faetal Performances by: Rhapsody Blue, Erica Furness, the dancers of Lavish, Bella M. Eurta & Helly Heresy! Art provided by: Vanessa Walsh and Tifereth! The night is broken into two parts, the Art Gala and Impulse Party. Art Gala (8pm-11pm) Featuring a wide offering of tightly curated rope suspension, art installations, and stage performances. Impulse Dance/Dungeon party (11pm-3am) Featuring some of Toronto’s best DJ’s, fully stocked dungeon, and even more stage performances. Round out your night with dancing, libations and mischief. You can purchase tickets either half for $25 or for the full event for $40. Tickets can be found online @ IMPULSE RULES 1. On the dance-floor or in the dungeon, if you haven’t asked express permission to touch or play with an individual, then that behaviour is not acceptable until you have gained their consent. 2. Dress code is in effect. Costume’s and fetish wear is mandatory. 3. No activity of any kind that is deemed by staff or club security as unsafe or illegal shall be allowed. No drug use, exposed genetalia, or outside alcohol is permitted. 4. IMPULSE will provide a photographer all night long to capture you in all your glory. 5. If something concerns you, tell our IMPUSE ‘Ambassadors’ who can be identified by their glowing arm bands, and it will be dealt with without naming names. IMPULSE DUNGEON RULES 1) No photography allowed of the Dungeon area, or its participants. 2) Consent is mandatory, no touching unless explicitly permitted. 3) Dungeon Masters (DM) can be identified by glowing red arm bands. If you have any questions or concerns please refer to them. They have final word on what is, and is not allowed on the Dungeon. 4) The Dungeon is for consenting adults who have signed the IMPULSE Dungeon waiver. If you appear intoxicated, or not respecting house rules the DM can remove you from Dungeon area. 5) House safewords are RED for stop, YELLOW for caution. The DM will intervene if the involved persons do not respond appropriately. SAFEWORD will be considered a call for outside assistance. 6) No blood-play, piercing, fire-play, urine, exposed lower genitals, penetration or restrictive breathing play is allowed. If a DM judges an activity to be dangerous, unsafe, or non-consensual they will intervene and if required remove involved persons from the Dungeon. 7) Cleaning supplies and garbage cans are provided. Clean up after your scene, and make a reasonable effort not to make a mess. If your scene involves wax or oils, use a drop cloth. 8) You will see nudity and kinky acts. No interfering with a scene till it is over, if you feel individuals are monopolizing a piece of equipment notify the DM. 9) This is a public space, common sense laws apply. Our facebook group can be found

Start: March 11, 2017 8:00 pm
End: March 11, 2017 8:00 pm
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